In Touch with Larry, aspiring young musician

Learn about the dreams and ambitions of young people like Larry, an aspiring musician who has a dream.

Name: Larry
: 19
Field of Study: Music (Bass player)

What are you passionate about most?
I am of course passionate about music since it’s what I want to do with my life.  The greatest thing for me is being able to step in any kind of musical situation and interact with other musicians.  It is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. I am also passionate by modern history.  I think that history is the thing that keeps me sane.  When I got too much on my mind, or when I working too much in my music, I will break from it all with my other interests like history.

What are you proud of most?
I am really proud of the level of bass playing I achieved.  I’ve been playing for about three years and I’m proud to say that I can really compare myself to much more experienced player.

What is your biggest challenge?
It is sometimes said that studying music is an everlasting struggle.  So for me the biggest challenge in my life is to wake up every morning and be able to still be excited about music.  It’s hard to keep yourself motivated in music.  It’s a hard to maintain the discipline and drive to practice every day.  But so far, most would say that I am doing okay!

What is your dream?
My dream would be to be an all around good bass player and be able to make a life out of it.  I sometimes say as a joke that I would like to play with my musical heroes like saxophone player Joshua Redman or pianist Aaron Parks.  I guess it is my dream, but I am too rational to say it out loud.

What are your two favorite websites? And why?
My favourite website would probably be YouTube because I get most of my music there.  It’s amazing to see the amount of knowledge that is on the website!  You can search for lessons, tunes, or even master classes with today’s most amazing players.

My second favourite website would probably be Facebook.  I really think that Facebook can be a great tool only if you don’t get too crazy about it.  I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family but also to share music with other musicians.  The key to a good use of Facebook is not to spend all of your spare time on it!

 What are your two favorite non-fiction books? And why?
One of them would be Charlie Chaplin’s biography. I really enjoyed reading about the man behind the character.  It’s amazing to see what king of life he had, and to realize that after all he was like us, a normal person.

The second would probably be Helmet from My Pillow, by Robert Leckie.  In his book he tells his battle experiences in the Pacific during WWII.  It is an excellent book because it is historically accurate and Leckie tells his story without any filter.  Combat is a reality that luckily most of us will never have to go through; and I think that it is important for us to remember and to tell the story of those that had to go to war.


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