More about the Spirituality of Aging

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rev. Dr. Toni LaMotta this morning about the work she is doing on the “Spirituality of Aging.” Dr. Toni has become a close friend and a mastermind partner in the work we each do in addressing the needs and concerns of midlifers and beyond.

She assists in awakening people to their spiritual life and its inexpressible truths. I assist people on the more practical side of life Рfinding their special calling and creating a new future for themselves by starting an online business (see my new website, Money and Midlife, when it launches on January 31.)

In the conversation I had with Dr. Toni LaMotta, she talks about :

- the ups and downs in her life in the past two years since the first interview with HAM

- why her new focus on the “Spirituality of Aging”

- what she means by the term and how it is different from “Spirituality and Aging”

- one of her favorite affirmations for mid lifers and beyond who are struggling with issues in their life, such as not having “enough.”

Be sure to check for the interview appearing tomorrow.

Dr. Frank